ric Henry, vintner

Ric was born in Napa, but spent most of his younger years in nearby Santa Rosa and Sacramento. After coming back to attend Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA, he hopped around the country practicing social work and starting a family with his college sweetheart, Cheryl.

They returned to the valley in 1990 so Cheryl could join the busy OB/GYN practice at St. Helena Hospital. Ric got his start making wine with a couple barrels of basement Calistoga zinfandel with his brother.


bruce devlin, winemaker

Bruce is the kind of winemaker who likes getting his hands dirty. After studying forestry and photography in college, he discovered his passion for winemaking while brewing beer in Germany. He and his wife, Danielle, have made wine in Austria, France, South Africa, and Australia.

Bruce came to Napa Valley in 1999 to join Ballentine Vineyards. He and Danielle also have their own label, Three Clicks Wines, named after the telegraph operator's code for the end of prohibition.